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Suite 308, 200 Consumers Road, Toronto, Ontario M2J 4R4

Tel: +1.289.427.8880

Fax: +1.212.658.9138

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About Us

Clicksor is a sister company of YesUp Ecommerce Solutions Inc. YesUp was founded in 1999 and incorporated in 2001 under the name YesUp Ecommerce Solutions Inc. headquartered in Toronto, Canada. YesUp delivers e-commerce solutions to its clients in the areas of high quality design, programming, technical expertise and marketing innovation.

Clicksor brings contextual advertising to local businesses. By allowing our users to be able to target their ads based on specific locations, we believe that we can help businesses make their online marketing more effective overall. As Internet marketing maintains its rapid development and growth, our company continues to meet the challenge head-on by developing new technologies and innovative marketing tools. Our goal remains the same: To provide the best return on your advertising dollar through the delivery of quality and affordable Internet marketing services.

Yesup Ecommerce Solutions Inc. also provides a diverse selection of services for internet marketers.

These include:

  • Emailserving (an email service provider for email marketers)
  • YesupSEO (an SEO service that provides guaranteed results for clients’ websites)
  • BannerCenter (for marketers that need quality professional banners fast).

Visit for more information about these and other services that Yesup provides.

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